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How things catch on fire


DDB Brasil is currently being lambasted the world over for a print ad that reportedly ran once in a Sao Paulo newspaper. But oh, what an ad. The best rundown at the moment is Barbara Lippert’s column on AdWeek. AdFreak is the blog that actually broke the story, and continues to update as it swirls out of control. But back to the ad.

Created for a local office of the World Wildlife Fund, the ad takes the idiotically offensive tack of trying to add bitchin’ relevance to the conservation message┬áby comparing 9/11 to the 2005 Asian Tsunami. “If you thought 9/11 was bad, have we got a surprise for YOU!”

What’s worse, there’s a tv spot as well (scroll to the end of the excellent AdFreak article to watch…it’s even more offensive than the print), which both DDB and WWF are denying involvement in.

But it isn’t the first time ad wanks have pulled this grotesque rabbit from the hat. Why the firestorm on this one but, outside the insular comment battles on adsoftheworld.com, not the kind of global condemnation that’s currently blasting out onto DDB Brasil? It’s deserved, definitely, but how did it happen?

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