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Internship Opportunity: Writer & Idea Maker


Do you mentally rewrite every headline you read? Can you rearrange a paragraph sixteen different ways and still wonder if it sounds right? If the strategic arrangement of words gives you goose bumps, you might be the person we’re seeking for our copywriting internship.
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Internship Opportunity: Designer & Conceptual Genius


Do gradients make you want to punch people? Do you kern in your sleep? If you have the skills and the desire to bring your artistic touch to corporate communications, you could be the perfect candidate for our designer internship.
Apply Here>

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Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer had that ridiculous idea to start a pizza restaurant where people made their own pie? Well maybe it wasn’t so ridiculous? Maybe, in fact, it’s just brilliant enough to work. At least that’s what Top That! Pizza is hoping for. And soon the residents of Springfield will be able to weigh in for themselves. No word yet on whether cucumbers will be an available topping.


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In honor of Springfield’s First Friday Art Walk (which happens to be tonight), here’s a little ditty featured on the BBC about London painter Ben Wilson. Watch how he turns the icky, stuck-on chewing gum into beautiful little masterpieces right under your feet.

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We’re GOODworthy

Cashew chicken, move over. Springfield is now on the map for having the USofA’s first diverging diamond interchange. It’s a French traffic flow control concept now being implemented here. And it’s a trip to drive through. The idea is to switch sides of the road at major interchanges so that travelers needing to turn left do not impede traffic behind them or cross the path of oncoming cars. Really, it’s pretty ingenious, although it feels terribly nonintuitive driving on the completely wrong side of the road. Thanks, France.




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Marlin Bike-Sharing Program

Since moving from the south-side to downtown we’ve  had to start behaving like a downtownie. In order to do that, we knew we’d have to conquer parallel parking and/or parking rage – or – look at alternative transportation to get around downtown. We’re making an effort towards the latter by instituting what we believe is the first company bike-sharing program in Springfield, MO.

We’ve been inspired by the many bike-sharing programs popping up around the world over the last couple years, including former ad-man Alex Bogusky‘s B-Cycle. So we worked with local bike shop A+B Cycle to find the perfect bikes for Marlin. Although we were impressed with many bike makers, we’re rollin’ with 2 fantastic Globe Bicycles.

We’ve even created a handy Marlin Bike Map to help us determine how long it will take us to get to our favorite downtown sandwich shop or watering hole.

Here’s to fun, health, savings on gas, less C02 pollution and less parking rage!

Some pics of our bikes after the jump. ^JH


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Marlin Picks: Top Springfield Eateries ^LH

It’s really hard to make a list with only 10 Top Eateries located here in Springtucky. In fact, it’s taken me no less than 3 days to decide on my list. If we’ve got anything, Springfield has a LOT of places to eat. One cool thing about this town, in my opinion, is that some of the best food doesn’t come from some fancy pants restaurant that requires a reservation and half a week’s pay. Of course we have those too; some are even on my list of favorites. My overall criteria and choosing came from the places where the food is good, the atmosphere is good, and the experience is interesting.

1. Tea Bar & Bites: Yes, it’s kind of a tea room. No, it’s not so girly that a dude can’t enjoy the delicious food. No high tea and biscuits here. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu and the specials change daily, so it’s hard to even choose a favorite. Make sure to save room for a lemon-basil cupcake or a coconut cream cupcake. Freakin’ amazing.

2. Homegrown Food: Not a restaurant, but a great place to go to get local produce to make a meal at home. Anything from local meats, Missouri-grown rice (I’ll never buy any other rice again), fruits, vegetables, breads, jams, jellies and local honey. It’s like going to the farmers market, but opens almost every day (closed Sunday and Monday to restock). Plus, it’s just down the street from Tea Bar & Bites. Did I mention Zen 3 is between the two places making it a perfect Saturday for breakfast, a massage and local produce?

3. Metropolitan Grill: Three words—Flash Fried Spinach. Amazing, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Plus, it’s spinach. Doesn’t that negate the fact it’s fried?  Metro also has great cocktails. The best part is if you’re usually undecided like I am and can’t decide what to drink, don’t. Just ask Nathan (he’s tall and skinny, you can’t miss him) or Pat (cowboy hat, chef-jacket-wearing owner) or any bartender to make a masterpiece for you. And yes, the rumor is true; the ladies room has a bidet.

4. Gallery Bistro: Never had a bad meal here and probably never will. If you like steak, shrimp and gorgonzola, have the Carl. The Mushroom Bisque is amazing, the drinks are strong, and local art is displayed throughout the restaurant.

5. Anton’s: My favorite place for breakfast. They’re known for their numerous omelet options and always keep your coffee cup full. Old menus from restaurants all over the U.S. cover the walls; it’s a quaint, cozy place. They only take cash, so go prepared. Don’t go on a Sunday when church is getting out if you’re starving. The place fills up really quickly.

6. Pappy’s BBQ: A Springfield original and had one of the longest continuous-running liquor licenses, which might still hold true. PBR on tap. You might see a roach crawling on the floor, but the food is great.

7. Grad School: Little, yet surprisingly spacious whole-in-the-wall located in downtown Springfield with some really great food. I mean REALLY great food. It’s the kind of place that seems like it’s just a bunch of stoner restaurant dudes running the place until you get your food. It’s plated beautifully and tastes exceptional. You can choose your level of spice on all items and even choose to make any offering vegetarian or vegan. My favorites are the fish tacos, full ride and the Cuban (all non-vegetarian), but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

8. Galloway Station: I worked here throughout part of college and am proud to say I will still eat the food. Great burgers, great veggie wrap, huge patio, great outdoor seating. Galloway Station has a mix of Greek, German and American food on the menu and makes most of their sauces and dressings fresh each day as well as their hand-cut French fries and homemade chips. Ask to sit in Syd’s section; she’s the perfect combination of sass and attentiveness. Bonus: Galloway Station sits right on the Greenway Creek Greenway trail. It’s a great place to stop for lunch or dinner before, during or after a bike ride.

It’s also the Wednesday night gathering place for the Stitch N Bitch ladies; a collection of Marlin, Deep, and Alchemedia Project employees and friends who knit while enjoying frosty beverages and good food. The Men of Marlin once threatened to start a Wednesday night Drink ‘N Stink. We’re hoping they pick different headquarters.

9. Pizza House: A Springfield staple for over 50 years. It moved from the original location on Bennett and Glenstone to Springfield’s historic Commercial Street. Other than that, nothing has changed. It’s a funky 50’s type place with cracker thin pizza crust and excellent service. Cash only, but there is an ATM in the building. Once you stuff yourself, you can walk across the street and get a coffee or smoothie at Big Mama’s or wander over to Askinosie Chocolate to see what heaven smells like.

10. Merle’s Hotdoggery: It’s not often that I eat a hot dog, but if I’m going to it’s either at Merle’s in downtown Springfield or one roasted over a campfire. This place has gone from serving their dogs, burgers and sandwiches out of a 3-barstool shack to a bigger space right next door, which means no longer doing the standing and eating. My favorite is the Frito Pie. You get to pick 4 toppings; I choose usually mustard, black olives, sour cream and jalapenos.



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