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Internship Opportunity: Designer & Conceptual Genius


Do gradients make you want to punch people? Do you kern in your sleep? If you have the skills and the desire to bring your artistic touch to corporate communications, you could be the perfect candidate for our designer internship.
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Minus one intern, plus one designer

Marlin is extremely excited and proud to introduce Jared Tomlinson as our newest Marlin hire. Jared demonstrated stellar abilities as a design intern, not to mention a fantastic spirit and an obsession with The Beatles that borders on prosecutable.

Jared joins us as Designer now, capital D. And we couldn’t be happier to have him aboard.

Actually, now that we think about it, we aren’t minus one intern, since we’re lucky enough to have Trevor Gies in our midst. In addition to practicing the art of the thoughtful meeting pose (see below), Trevor is also our latest Account Service Intern. Welcome, Trevor!

“Interesting. Verrrrrry interesting. Whatever you just said.”

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