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Design Internship Opening

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Wish list

As we dream of our new space downtown, Marlinites haven’t been shy about offering up suggestions for how to achieve something a few pegs above awesome. ^CR


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Ripping type a new one

Nobody tears type apart like Marlin friend and über talent, David Croy. As evinced in this sweet love letter he wrote to the Art Directors Club concerning their new logo, entitled The New Art Directors Club Logo Is Total Dogshit.

It’s a nice follow-up to a post he wrote a few months back entitled The New ‘Public Enemies’ Lettering Is Total Dogshit, a piece that managed to provoke a response from the Public Enemies poster designers themselves.

Actually, on the Art Directors Club logo, Dave takes exception not with the entirety of the mark, but with the r-t letterspacing. Which makes his post all the more enchanting.

Agree with his assessment or not, we think the fact that he’s even asking the question is a step forward for all type kind.

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Launching our new design with Yngwie Malmsteen


Really, what better way to inaugurate our new blog design than by featuring the album art from Yngwie Malmsteen’s groundbreaking 1986 classical-hair-metal opus, “Trilogy”? (Produced in honor of the murdered Swedish Prime Minister??)

The new design, courtesy of Marlin design intern Jared Tomlinson and designer Quentin Brown, provides plenty of room for stunning visuals like, say, a man shooting flames from his guitar at a three-headed dragon. Or even a painting of said.

The new NOTCH is also a little cleaner, at least design-wise, and a little closer to our official digital cousin marlinco.com, while still delivering all the wonder and joy you’ve come to expect from a blog named Notchweiner.

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A little ego boost


Former Marlinite Kendall Schlichting just got some nice lovin’ from The Denver Egotist, which featured her work and website as part of their ongoing “In the Egotist Inbox” series. Nicely done, both of ya.

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