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Internship Opportunity: Writer & Idea Maker


Do you mentally rewrite every headline you read? Can you rearrange a paragraph sixteen different ways and still wonder if it sounds right? If the strategic arrangement of words gives you goose bumps, you might be the person we’re seeking for our copywriting internship.
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Hello there, you art director, you

We’re looking to hire an art director. If you’re interested, take a crack at the questions below. Offer up your answers to us in the contact form that follows. We’ll get back to you with a response as soon as humanly possible. (Which tells you a little something about us here at Marlin — we are, in fact, humans.)

The 7 Questions!
Meticulously researched and painstakingly vetted over half of a lunch hour! Yazoo!

1.) Describe yourself in exactly six syllables.

2.) Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what client(s)?

3.) Do you own a pencil?

4.) Is this cybernet thing just a fad, or will it one day enslave us all?

5.) How do you make big ideas bigger?

6.) Do you like awards? Do they like you?

7.) Take us somewhere, linkwise.

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