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Internship Opportunity: Writer & Idea Maker


Do you mentally rewrite every headline you read? Can you rearrange a paragraph sixteen different ways and still wonder if it sounds right? If the strategic arrangement of words gives you goose bumps, you might be the person we’re seeking for our copywriting internship.
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Meeting a Notchweiner

We think we’ve got a pretty good handle on who our readers are. You have access to the internet, you have the ability to read, you breathe—oxygen, we’d wager—and you think we’re hilarious/brilliant/wondrous/humble/concise. But we’ve come to realize that you don’t know much about us. A crime to say the least.

Well, we’ve decided to fix what we’re guessing is probably about a misdemeanor with a new feature on Notchweiner called “Meeting a Notchweiner.” Consider it a forum where, once a month, all the dreams we assume you have will come true and you’ll get to know each and every one of us a little bit better. So, lie to your wife about where you’re going, drive down to the bad part of town, roll down your window and prepare to have your mind blown.

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