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Searching for the secret family recipe.

Last week a few of us headed down to Knoxville, Tennessee to present some work and give some of the new folks on the team a chance to learn everything there is to know about Bush’s Best® Beans. The trip included a visit to the corporate offices, the factory and the Bush’s Café & Museum.

We had a blast. A great recap for the veterans on the team, and educational for the rookies, we covered a range of subjects including their current manufacturing techniques, their incredibly high standards for quality and the rich history that has served as the foundation for it all. One observation we made was that most everyone within the company was on a first-name basis. While Bush’s has grown significantly since 1906, they all still treat one another like family.

It’s an honor to work for a brand that takes pride in both their people and their products. If you get a chance, stop by the Bush’s Café & Museum for yourself. It’s open to the public and the homemade pinto bean pie is outstanding. If you’re lucky, you might even have a chance to talk to Duke. Good luck with that. We’re all dog lovers and we couldn’t get a single word out of him.

(The Bush’s crew with a nice collection of classic packaging, above.)



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Thanks for the beans, Erik!

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Our gracious client at Bush Brothers sent a few cases of their new Grillin’ Beans our way. In our eyes, that earns him a giant A+.


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Saints are the Best

Just ran across this great article on Gason Nelson, personal chef to the Saints’ Reggie Bush, who uses Bush’s Best® Baked Beans in one of the star running back’s favorite dishes.

The Times-Picayune

Bush Beans Foodservice has been a Marlin client for about a year now, and we’ve been proud to launch two websites (here and here), a print campaign and a helpful Twitter grilled meat relationship column in such a short timeframe.

Whoever wins this Sunday, at least know the Saints have the best taste.

Yes, that’s a pun.


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A winner

Marlin’s grilledandlonely.com campaign for Bush’s Best Baked Beans won a DPAC Award in New York last night. What’s a DPAC, you ask? (Can’t believe you just asked that.)

The DPAC Awards are put on by DM2, the publishers of digiday: DAILY, and honor “overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in Digital Publishing and Advertising.” And we are thrilled not only to have won our category of Best Digital Direct Response, competing against other finalists TurboTax and ATC Logistics & Electronics, but also to be the only finalist of the entire show representing the foodservice industry. Last night we were keeping company with marketing juggernauts like Coke, Facebook, American Express OPEN, Walmart and IBM. Wow.

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Grilled and lonely


You’re a piece of meat. You’re hot. You’re sizzling. Literally sizzling.

But we know even grill-marked masterpieces like yourself get lonely. That’s why we’re proud to launch a new website that helps grilled meats find their one true sidemate. www.grilledandlonely.com

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