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Brian is first

Congrats on being the first to get the iPhone 5, Mr. Collins. It comes preloaded with the latest version of iEnvy.



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It’s always interesting to see the creative process in action. It’s even more interesting when the process involves Star Wars. Jason Geyer over at AFI recently shared a handful of ideas that didn’t quite make it into production when he worked on Pepsi’s promotional merchandise for Episode I.

Looking back at your old, rejected ideas is always tough. Sometimes you get frustrated because a really good idea was never recognized. Sometimes you realize just how terrible an idea that seemed so good at the time really was. All we know is that we want a Death Star basketball. And we want it now.

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Our kinda keyboard

Maybe because it’s Friday, this cocktail makin’ concept seems a wee-bit more brilliant than it might on any other weekday. Let the words flow.


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No. There’s not an app for it. But nice to know that the kids are still Thinking Differently out there.


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One Small Step for Pepperoni

You really got to hand it to the Japanese division of Domino’s Pizza. They go big or they go home. Yesterday plans were announced to open the first Domino’s restaurant on the moon. Thus catering to the much under served lunar dining community. The move, which sent shockwaves through NASA  is seen as a real blow to US dominance in the arena of space exploration. A serious shift in priorities is expected to ensue. One unnamed source within the US Space Agency is quoted as saying, “Today, we stand defeated in the race to bring crappy fastfood pizza to the universe. We really dropped the ball on this one. We’re out there looking for water on other planets and these guys are serving up hot, fresh pizza on the lunar surface. We hear they’re even going to offer flavored crusts and boneless chicken wings!” This is a sad day for the US Space Program. Not since Sputnick have we been caught so far behind in the space race.


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Have you seen this guitar?

Great use of Craigslist. Hope this guy finds the douche who stole his prized 1953 Gibson Les Paul. Click here to read >


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Ol’ Squirrel hands

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