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Hope You Fall Festival

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Last Wednesday, Marlin decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and break away for an afternoon of fall-themed celebration. Nothing says fall like pumpkin beer (which the interns didn’t buy nearly enough of), bonfires, soulful music and great barbeque. Grill master Matt served up some delicious beef and beans while Next of Kin, featuring Paul Speed, Chad Harris and a special guest appearance from Trevor Gies, serenaded the group. The wind may or may not have helped us drive some shag balls into the distance, but we won’t complain. Except for Odin—who got hit in the head by Jared’s rogue golf ball. There was no better way to end the night than by sitting around the fire and roasting s’mores. For those of you who couldn’t get out to dance around in the falling leaves, we have pictures for your bitter viewing pleasure below.



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Mr. Rogers, Sagan-style

Aww. Nice one from PBS.


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Slice of NYC life

Recorded over the course of a year, all ending up with a great, moving piece of film. Nice work, Andrew Clancy. Nice work.


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Gettin’ all artsy up in here

We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously but we do take what we do seriously. So when we were invited to put on an exhibition of our work for display at MSU’s Brick City Gallery we had some serious discussions on how to pull it off. Seriously. What we came up with is: The Evolution of Ideas. Basically, we took the route that it’s not the destination it’s the journey. We scraped, scoured and cobbled all of our scribbles, scraps, sketches and scattered thoughts that led to great work and put some artsy looking frames around them. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s a pretty snazzy looking show. If you’re in the neighborhood and feeling the need for some culture or if you’re just looking for an excuse to wear a turtleneck, stop by the gallery and check out the exhibit. It’ll be up October 24th and run through November 19th.

Brick City Gallery hours are:

M/W/F: 10am-6pm

T-TR: 1pm-6pm

Sat: Noon-6pm

View pics after the jump >>

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Motivational for a Monday

Simply, wow. After watching this (combined with several cups/quarts/gallons of coffee), we’re ready to take on the week. Enjoy.

^Groggy Notch

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Well Done

Underconsideration just launched a new menu design comparison site. Good ones, bad ones… you be the judge. We’re excited to view all that’s out there. Glad to see this great watering hole on the list.

^Le Notch


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In the Gallery

Last Thursday, local artist Pam Rubert’s exhibition opened in Gallery Marlin. Her incredible quilts adorn about every available wall in our space. Very inspiring, and strangely cozy. Learn more about Pam’s process and approach here >

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