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What happens when you leave out a birthday cake with moveable letters too early in the day

(For the record, the birthday boy was the vandal.)



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Fair Go Bro

 We loved this Virgin Mobile Australia promotion featuring Springfieldian Doug Pitt. Maybe you’ve heard of his more famous brother? The second-most-famous-Pitt-in-the-family is a familiar face to some around here as the good folks at our sister agency TAP have helped with Mr. Pitt’s charitable organization Care To Learn. Go show the Like.


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Off to the races

The agency took in a Springfield Cardinals ballgame last week. And when you take the agency to a ballgame, they have a few beers. And after a few beers, they end up on tricycles racing around the dirt. And when they end up racing tricycles racing around the dirt…

You get the rest.



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Congrats, Springfield. Oregon, that is.

Simpsons creator, Matt Groening has confirmed the much-speculated location of the true Springfield. The fictional hometown of his much-beloved characters happens to be based on the real Springfield, Oregon. Even though we here in the 417 relished in the ambiguity of the town’s mysterious whereabouts, we’re sending a Cowabunga! shout-out to our northwest namesakes.


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Stretch yo’self

Following a glorious spring weather weekend here in the Ozarks, we’re noticing quite a few Marlinites moving a little slow after two full days of tilling, planting, raking, hedging and mowing their yards and gardens. (Also a good start to some farmer’s tans.) Remember friends, stretch first.


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This little piggy went to work…

Usually Friday is Dog Day around Marlin. Today we’ve got a special guest. Meet Maynerd, the cutest little pig you’ll ever see. Art Director April Speed recently adopted the tiny fella. According to her, Maynerd’s biggest ambition in life is to scour the floor for crumbs and to root in piles of blankets. We’re jealous and we love him.


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Gettin’ all artsy up in here

We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously but we do take what we do seriously. So when we were invited to put on an exhibition of our work for display at MSU’s Brick City Gallery we had some serious discussions on how to pull it off. Seriously. What we came up with is: The Evolution of Ideas. Basically, we took the route that it’s not the destination it’s the journey. We scraped, scoured and cobbled all of our scribbles, scraps, sketches and scattered thoughts that led to great work and put some artsy looking frames around them. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s a pretty snazzy looking show. If you’re in the neighborhood and feeling the need for some culture or if you’re just looking for an excuse to wear a turtleneck, stop by the gallery and check out the exhibit. It’ll be up October 24th and run through November 19th.

Brick City Gallery hours are:

M/W/F: 10am-6pm

T-TR: 1pm-6pm

Sat: Noon-6pm

View pics after the jump >>

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