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Internship Opportunity: Writer & Idea Maker


Do you mentally rewrite every headline you read? Can you rearrange a paragraph sixteen different ways and still wonder if it sounds right? If the strategic arrangement of words gives you goose bumps, you might be the person we’re seeking for our copywriting internship.
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Internship Opportunity: Designer & Conceptual Genius


Do gradients make you want to punch people? Do you kern in your sleep? If you have the skills and the desire to bring your artistic touch to corporate communications, you could be the perfect candidate for our designer internship.
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Hope You Fall Festival

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Last Wednesday, Marlin decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and break away for an afternoon of fall-themed celebration. Nothing says fall like pumpkin beer (which the interns didn’t buy nearly enough of), bonfires, soulful music and great barbeque. Grill master Matt served up some delicious beef and beans while Next of Kin, featuring Paul Speed, Chad Harris and a special guest appearance from Trevor Gies, serenaded the group. The wind may or may not have helped us drive some shag balls into the distance, but we won’t complain. Except for Odin—who got hit in the head by Jared’s rogue golf ball. There was no better way to end the night than by sitting around the fire and roasting s’mores. For those of you who couldn’t get out to dance around in the falling leaves, we have pictures for your bitter viewing pleasure below.


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The most important meal of your May

It’s that time of year again. Time for the National Restaurant Association’s annual gathering in Chicago. And that means it’s time for the annual Marlin Breakfast. Which also means it’s time for the annual Marlin Breakfast invite. Last year it was all about slow. This year it’s all about fast. So without further adieu we present the 2012 Marlin Breakfast invite. Starring Dennis Marlin’s head. Enjoy.


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Give this hypnotic food vid from French director Alexandre Dubosc a spin. Neat stuff.

^Le Notch

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No. There’s not an app for it. But nice to know that the kids are still Thinking Differently out there.


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One Small Step for Pepperoni

You really got to hand it to the Japanese division of Domino’s Pizza. They go big or they go home. Yesterday plans were announced to open the first Domino’s restaurant on the moon. Thus catering to the much under served lunar dining community. The move, which sent shockwaves through NASA  is seen as a real blow to US dominance in the arena of space exploration. A serious shift in priorities is expected to ensue. One unnamed source within the US Space Agency is quoted as saying, “Today, we stand defeated in the race to bring crappy fastfood pizza to the universe. We really dropped the ball on this one. We’re out there looking for water on other planets and these guys are serving up hot, fresh pizza on the lunar surface. We hear they’re even going to offer flavored crusts and boneless chicken wings!” This is a sad day for the US Space Program. Not since Sputnick have we been caught so far behind in the space race.


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