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Internship Opportunity: Designer & Conceptual Genius


Do gradients make you want to punch people? Do you kern in your sleep? If you have the skills and the desire to bring your artistic touch to corporate communications, you could be the perfect candidate for our designer internship.
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Searching for the secret family recipe.

Last week a few of us headed down to Knoxville, Tennessee to present some work and give some of the new folks on the team a chance to learn everything there is to know about Bush’s Best® Beans. The trip included a visit to the corporate offices, the factory and the Bush’s Café & Museum.

We had a blast. A great recap for the veterans on the team, and educational for the rookies, we covered a range of subjects including their current manufacturing techniques, their incredibly high standards for quality and the rich history that has served as the foundation for it all. One observation we made was that most everyone within the company was on a first-name basis. While Bush’s has grown significantly since 1906, they all still treat one another like family.

It’s an honor to work for a brand that takes pride in both their people and their products. If you get a chance, stop by the Bush’s Café & Museum for yourself. It’s open to the public and the homemade pinto bean pie is outstanding. If you’re lucky, you might even have a chance to talk to Duke. Good luck with that. We’re all dog lovers and we couldn’t get a single word out of him.

(The Bush’s crew with a nice collection of classic packaging, above.)


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Fair Go Bro

 We loved this Virgin Mobile Australia promotion featuring Springfieldian Doug Pitt. Maybe you’ve heard of his more famous brother? The second-most-famous-Pitt-in-the-family is a familiar face to some around here as the good folks at our sister agency TAP have helped with Mr. Pitt’s charitable organization Care To Learn. Go show the Like.


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Gettin’ all artsy up in here

We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously but we do take what we do seriously. So when we were invited to put on an exhibition of our work for display at MSU’s Brick City Gallery we had some serious discussions on how to pull it off. Seriously. What we came up with is: The Evolution of Ideas. Basically, we took the route that it’s not the destination it’s the journey. We scraped, scoured and cobbled all of our scribbles, scraps, sketches and scattered thoughts that led to great work and put some artsy looking frames around them. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s a pretty snazzy looking show. If you’re in the neighborhood and feeling the need for some culture or if you’re just looking for an excuse to wear a turtleneck, stop by the gallery and check out the exhibit. It’ll be up October 24th and run through November 19th.

Brick City Gallery hours are:

M/W/F: 10am-6pm

T-TR: 1pm-6pm

Sat: Noon-6pm

View pics after the jump >>

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In. Tense.

Promo loop for Amon Tobin’s mind-blowing digital experience. The backstory can be seen here >

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Scott Bratcher joins Marlin

We’re happy (albeit a tad tardy) to announce the official addition of our new Digital Director, Scott Bratcher. He’ll be bringing Marlin 15 years of digital experience including everything from studying computer information systems and graphic design at Missouri State University to running his own internet-oriented marketing company in Chicago for 10 years. He’ll also provide us with a whole slew of digital knowhow in order to help us, at a strategic level, become more digitally integrated in all of our offerings. The good kind of integrated. Not the bad kind of integrated. Of course, that’s really just a fancy way of saying our offices are going to be looking a lot more like this soon. Oh, Jeff Bridges. Is there any situation you can’t make 100% more awesome?

Happy to have ya, Scott.  We call the gold lightcycle.

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Bring it, Trebek

The word is getting out about IBM’s artificially intelligent super-duper computer WATSON taking on past Jeopardy champions in a real-time mega-beatdown between brains and circuits. Ol’ Notchy here would put all its lunch money on the greatest Trebek nemesis of all time.

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