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Internship Opportunity: Designer & Conceptual Genius


Do gradients make you want to punch people? Do you kern in your sleep? If you have the skills and the desire to bring your artistic touch to corporate communications, you could be the perfect candidate for our designer internship.
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Marlin Embraces New Subculture

There’s been an exciting subculture growing at Marlin for a while and it’s recently attracted so much attention that we decided it deserved a promotional video and a logo exploration. Now, we proudly introduce to you Marlin’s very own Pipe Club. Check out the video and logo evolution below.

We borrowed Mumford & Sons “After the Storm” for this video. And we’ll be happy to give it back if Mumford or sons so desires.

Designed by the marvelous Brian Collins.

There are currently five Marlin Pipe Club members. James brings the fire, Brian brings the stamina (and wisdom), Adam brings the good looks, Q usually forgets to bring anything, and Jared brings the filthy, filthy jokes.

Club Requirements:

A Pipe*

*Unless you’re Q or Brian.

Now accepting applications.


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While we’re on the subject of music this morning, we are totally digging this throwback mash-up of vintage Punk Rock and Swiss Modernism by NYC Designer Mike Joyce. Melding the two unlike genres results in some stunning poster work and the urge to rip off our shirts and thrash around the shop.


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Our little Jared is all grown up

Jared Tomlinson (formerly Jared Tomlinson, Designer) is now known as Jared Tomlinson, Jr. Art Director. It’s a much longer (and thus much fancier) title and he’s earned every character of it. He’s got the new business card and everything. Very official. His hard work and dedication to doing all things great more than earned him the promotion. (Some say his contribution of candy-coated bacon to the Marlin Holiday Potluck didn’t hurt his chances either.) Mmmm, bacon.

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Gettin’ all artsy up in here

We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously but we do take what we do seriously. So when we were invited to put on an exhibition of our work for display at MSU’s Brick City Gallery we had some serious discussions on how to pull it off. Seriously. What we came up with is: The Evolution of Ideas. Basically, we took the route that it’s not the destination it’s the journey. We scraped, scoured and cobbled all of our scribbles, scraps, sketches and scattered thoughts that led to great work and put some artsy looking frames around them. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s a pretty snazzy looking show. If you’re in the neighborhood and feeling the need for some culture or if you’re just looking for an excuse to wear a turtleneck, stop by the gallery and check out the exhibit. It’ll be up October 24th and run through November 19th.

Brick City Gallery hours are:

M/W/F: 10am-6pm

T-TR: 1pm-6pm

Sat: Noon-6pm

View pics after the jump >>

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Kern, Kern and more Kern

Designer/Type geeks, rejoice! Here’s a link to the neato site which tests your letter-spacing abilities. We applaud the work created by this fellow.


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