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Searching for the secret family recipe.

Last week a few of us headed down to Knoxville, Tennessee to present some work and give some of the new folks on the team a chance to learn everything there is to know about Bush’s Best® Beans. The trip included a visit to the corporate offices, the factory and the Bush’s Café & Museum.

We had a blast. A great recap for the veterans on the team, and educational for the rookies, we covered a range of subjects including their current manufacturing techniques, their incredibly high standards for quality and the rich history that has served as the foundation for it all. One observation we made was that most everyone within the company was on a first-name basis. While Bush’s has grown significantly since 1906, they all still treat one another like family.

It’s an honor to work for a brand that takes pride in both their people and their products. If you get a chance, stop by the Bush’s Café & Museum for yourself. It’s open to the public and the homemade pinto bean pie is outstanding. If you’re lucky, you might even have a chance to talk to Duke. Good luck with that. We’re all dog lovers and we couldn’t get a single word out of him.

(The Bush’s crew with a nice collection of classic packaging, above.)



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Worry Not

Our friends at Burke have the best customer service in the business. And now they’ve got your back while you sleep.

According to Mayan legend, telling your worries to these worry-not dolls lets you sleep peacefully. Burke promises worry-free service, but has also helped alleviate a little worry from people in developing countries. Customers of Burke have had donations made to Heifer International® in their name.

Burke’s message is simple: Be thankful. And don’t worry.


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SEAtown is our kind of town

March has been a busy travel month in Notchland. A contingent of Marlin creative and account peeps just returned from the coffee mecca of Seattle. Familiar ground for several, and a first time trip for some. Marlinite Sam tried fitting the Space “it looks a lot bigger in person” Needle into his backpack, but settled on a photo keepsake.

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What’s your day worth?

We recently had the immense pleasure of working with the good folks at Convoy of Hope on their new One Day To Feed The World™ campaign. Thanks to corporate partner contributions and efficient channels of distribution, Convoy of Hope is able to turn every dollar donated into seven dollars worth of food and supplies for children across the world. We’re happy to complement the tremendous work they do on a daily basis with some work we’re pretty proud of ourselves. Head over to to see what we’re talking about. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel like doing a little world-feeding while you’re there.


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The Viraliest Virals of 2010

One of the viraliest virals of all

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the viraliest viral of all? These days work is measured by how much it’s passed around. Kind of like the potency of a sexually transmitted disease. According to these 10 little gems were the herpes and gonorrheas of 2010. Enjoy.


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The perfect squeeze

It was huge. It was fabulous. It took Manhattan. Sweet Street Desserts CEO Sandy Solmon joined celebrity Food Network® chef Rachel Ray at the October NY Wine & Food Festival, destination of discriminating foodies and chefs, to launch Pipeables® Mousse Kits, soon available in stores. Each kit contains two companion flavors of silky mousse and eight serving cups, perfect for creating parfaits (like what Sandy’s brandishing) and other gorgeous desserts. Way to go, Sandy!


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Seattle’s Best Coffee

We’re now enjoying delicious Seattle’s Best Coffee inside our walls. Check it out.

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