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Searching for the secret family recipe.

Last week a few of us headed down to Knoxville, Tennessee to present some work and give some of the new folks on the team a chance to learn everything there is to know about Bush’s Best® Beans. The trip included a visit to the corporate offices, the factory and the Bush’s Café & Museum.

We had a blast. A great recap for the veterans on the team, and educational for the rookies, we covered a range of subjects including their current manufacturing techniques, their incredibly high standards for quality and the rich history that has served as the foundation for it all. One observation we made was that most everyone within the company was on a first-name basis. While Bush’s has grown significantly since 1906, they all still treat one another like family.

It’s an honor to work for a brand that takes pride in both their people and their products. If you get a chance, stop by the Bush’s Café & Museum for yourself. It’s open to the public and the homemade pinto bean pie is outstanding. If you’re lucky, you might even have a chance to talk to Duke. Good luck with that. We’re all dog lovers and we couldn’t get a single word out of him.

(The Bush’s crew with a nice collection of classic packaging, above.)



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Crazy good

IMPOSSIBLE to not tap your toes to this soulful jam.


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Just don’t shoot your eye out.

If you really love the movie: A Christmas Story. Like, you love it so much that you watch the 24 Hour Marathon of it every year on TBS and still wish you could get more of it. Like, that kind of love. Well, if you’re really that kind of fan, then you need to check out this link and you need to get tickets to Cleveland. Which Notchweiner hears is truly lovely this time of year. And hightail it to the 5th Annual Christmas Story convention. You’ll get to hang out in the house where the 1983 movie was filmed. And visit the museum located across the street, which contains props, costumes and plenty of rare behind-the-scenes shots of the production. And if that’s not enough excitement for all you little Ralphie-philes out there then hold on to your Red Ryder BB Guns because this year’s special treat is that the actor who played Randy, Ian Petrella, will be living in the house through the holidays and be available for autographs, talks and hopefully a job offer from some kind hearted soul out there. Sorry, Randy, Marlin’s not currently hiring.


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Two Cool Dudes

You may have heard of Q. You definitely have heard of Howard. Marlinite Quentin Brown happened to rub elbows with the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks last night at the fantastically cool new café concept on Olive Way in Seattle. According to Q, “Howard was really awesome.” Way to go Q!

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The perfect squeeze

It was huge. It was fabulous. It took Manhattan. Sweet Street Desserts CEO Sandy Solmon joined celebrity Food Network® chef Rachel Ray at the October NY Wine & Food Festival, destination of discriminating foodies and chefs, to launch Pipeables® Mousse Kits, soon available in stores. Each kit contains two companion flavors of silky mousse and eight serving cups, perfect for creating parfaits (like what Sandy’s brandishing) and other gorgeous desserts. Way to go, Sandy!


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Served with a side of Famous

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Last week, Marlin’s own Melissa Sunseri attended Plate Magazine‘s industry event PlateCooks with client Bush Brothers. As if the event wasn’t cool enough, celebrity chef Alton Brown made it more so. Chef Brown was there representing Diamond Crystal and educated the attendees on salt (why and how to use it to bring out the natural flavors of food). He made a cornish hen on a Hamilton Beach panini grill and then grilled fresh spinach immediately following to use the juices for flavor. According to Mel, he’s not only a fantastic chef, but a snappy dresser. He wore a funky plaid jacket & skinny jeans. To cap it off, Alton also autographed his book for her and others by closing with “cook smart”. Trés classy.


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