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While we’re on the subject of music this morning, we are totally digging this throwback mash-up of vintage Punk Rock and Swiss Modernism by NYC Designer Mike Joyce. Melding the two unlike genres results in some stunning poster work and the urge to rip off our shirts and thrash around the shop.



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Marlin Thunder

Lightening at Marlin's Back Door

Just get a load of the lightening strike out Marlin’s back door. Boom! ^BC

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Ah advertising, how we love you so. But sometimes you can be so naughty. Sometimes you can go astray. And not only cause people to change the channel but even cause businesses and brands to… how should we say it… well… tank. Here’s a link to ten of the biggest branding blunders ever. Luckily, we weren’t involved in any of them.


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My eyes! My eyes!!!!!!

BMW has come up with a new piece of advertising trickery that literally is designed to get inside the head of anyone who watches it.

The car and motorcycle company worked with lighting manufacturer Profoto to produce a commercial with light effects that allow viewers to temporarily see the letters “BMW” when they close their eyes.

The ad relies on an optical illusion called an afterimage effect. It’s sorta like when you were a kid and would briefly look into the sun and then close your eyes and see your very own laser light show going on inside your head. Trippy, right?

Now Notchweiner has been in this business a long time. And Notchweiner believes that finding clever, new places to put relevant ad messages is one of the more creative pursuits in the ever evolving advertising process. Notchweiner believes advertising belongs in unexpected places. Notchweiner believes consumers can be delighted and engaged by stumbling onto a new and interesting placement. But one thing Notchweiner does not believe in is burning a fricking logo into someone’s fricking eyes. To Notchweiner, that feels just a little bit intrusive. A little bit 1984-ish. A little bit… how should I say it… fricking creepy. That’s how I should say it.


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Before this there was that

This is a pretty interesting article tracing media trends and what came before what we have now. Like before YouTube there was America’s Funniest Home videos. Before blogs there were zines. And before Notchweiner there was just a big gaping hole in the universe that swallowed everything fun and made kittens weep tears of emptiness.


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Finding time to roast some wieners


Last week we were able to take time out of our (insanely) busy schedules to head out to Marlin President Michael Stelzer’s picturesque 150-acre ranch and roast some delicious wieners for our annual agency meeting. Needless to say, there was plenty of opportunity for work-inappropriate wiener jokes. And luckily, we weren’t officially at work. Yay, wiener jokes!

More pictures after the jump.

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Rolling Q-style


Not only does Marlin designer Quentin Brown (known simply, powerfully as Q) own the world record for fastest stock GTO, he also owns this badass 1932 Ford Roadster. And not only does he own said Roadster, this crazed monkey of grease actually built it. When he was 16. From the ground up. 

We’ll just pause and let that soak in.

Young Q rescued the fiberglass body just as it was heading for the scrap heap, and did the whole Bionic Man thing on it. Better. Stronger. Faster. Green Flamier. 

Modern-day Q rolled into work in it this morning, and seeing this carefully crafted beauty next to, say, a 1998 Saturn (SL!) is quite the humbling experience, automotively speaking.

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