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What happens when you leave out a birthday cake with moveable letters too early in the day

(For the record, the birthday boy was the vandal.)



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Ah advertising, how we love you so. But sometimes you can be so naughty. Sometimes you can go astray. And not only cause people to change the channel but even cause businesses and brands to… how should we say it… well… tank. Here’s a link to ten of the biggest branding blunders ever. Luckily, we weren’t involved in any of them.


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The Award Goes To Whoever Sold This Pant-load

Ok. We’ll give this spot for Luvs some praise for being fearless (although tasteless). Anyone who’s ever had to clean up an infant after an epic up-the-back-and-between-the-shoulder-blades blowout can truly respect the magnitude of blast force for which a diaper must attempt to contain. But trying to sell a poo containment system by representing a dance competition style concept? On the flip side, here’s a great spot with a great concept from another diaper competitor.


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My eyes! My eyes!!!!!!

BMW has come up with a new piece of advertising trickery that literally is designed to get inside the head of anyone who watches it.

The car and motorcycle company worked with lighting manufacturer Profoto to produce a commercial with light effects that allow viewers to temporarily see the letters “BMW” when they close their eyes.

The ad relies on an optical illusion called an afterimage effect. It’s sorta like when you were a kid and would briefly look into the sun and then close your eyes and see your very own laser light show going on inside your head. Trippy, right?

Now Notchweiner has been in this business a long time. And Notchweiner believes that finding clever, new places to put relevant ad messages is one of the more creative pursuits in the ever evolving advertising process. Notchweiner believes advertising belongs in unexpected places. Notchweiner believes consumers can be delighted and engaged by stumbling onto a new and interesting placement. But one thing Notchweiner does not believe in is burning a fricking logo into someone’s fricking eyes. To Notchweiner, that feels just a little bit intrusive. A little bit 1984-ish. A little bit… how should I say it… fricking creepy. That’s how I should say it.


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This Bud’s for anyone that pays cash upfront.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see a collaboration between Roger Moore and Huey Lewis then this post is for you. But if you’ve ever wondered how that collaboration could be enhanced with the edition of Jason Alexander, Ricki Lake, Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt then this post is also for you. And upon seeing that ensemble if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wonder what it would be like if Philip Michael Thomas joined in. Along with Steve Guttenberg, Tonya Harding, David Faustino, Alfonso Ribeiro, Pam Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Judd Nelson, Peter Falk, Rickie Schroeder, Boyzone, speedskater Dan Jansen, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, the surviving members of Right Said Fred, Daryl Hannah and Lou Ferigno.” Well, then wonder no more. Because this post is definitely for you. It’s all thanks to the Norwegian TV show Golden Times (Gylne Tider in Norwegian) and their season 4 promo video. Now admittedly, Notchweiner is not a great authority on the subtle cultural undertones that permeate the world of Norwegian television. But it doesn’t take an expert on all things Norway to see that there are several things inherently wrong with this piece of work. Several things that puzzle Notchweiner. And perhaps even frighten him. Maybe it’s the mysterious three gentlemen in the red sweaters who pop up from time to time. We know not from where they come. Or maybe it’s the fact that this was probably Leslie Nielsen’s last piece of work before he shuffled off his mortal coil. Which is sad and unfortunate. But, regardless, this is some serious celebrity-on-green-screen-abuse going on here. Not to mention a rather wretchedly inappropriate misuse of one of Paul McCartney’s greatest songs. Notchweiner most certainly does not approve of this message.


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Consumer feedback can be a real b*tch sometimes.

Soldier vs. HP

Die printer, die!

Not since this scene in Office Space has a printer been treated so rudely. But perhaps it only serves as a reminder that when you’re working the HP Help Desk and  a soldier serving in Iraq calls you up for a little assistance you might want to mind your p’s and q’s as well. Evidently, the trouble started when one heavily armed infantryman began experiencing problems with his all in one printer/copier/fax machine and was told by HP that he would have to pay for tech support. The video, documenting the soldier’s dissatisfaction with that particular policy has since surfaced and been making the rounds as of late on social media sites. What isn’t quite as widely known is that this incident happened way back in 2006. Also, what isn’t quite as widely known is that when the HP brass got wind of it they instituted a company wide policy to provide free tech support to all men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces. Seems like their PR department didn’t do such a swell job of getting their side of the story out. But sometimes that’s just how the internet goes. If it bleeds it leads. And this particular HP printer definitely shed its fair share of ink.

^ JsE

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How things catch on fire


DDB Brasil is currently being lambasted the world over for a print ad that reportedly ran once in a Sao Paulo newspaper. But oh, what an ad. The best rundown at the moment is Barbara Lippert’s column on AdWeek. AdFreak is the blog that actually broke the story, and continues to update as it swirls out of control. But back to the ad.

Created for a local office of the World Wildlife Fund, the ad takes the idiotically offensive tack of trying to add bitchin’ relevance to the conservation message by comparing 9/11 to the 2005 Asian Tsunami. “If you thought 9/11 was bad, have we got a surprise for YOU!”

What’s worse, there’s a tv spot as well (scroll to the end of the excellent AdFreak article to watch…it’s even more offensive than the print), which both DDB and WWF are denying involvement in.

But it isn’t the first time ad wanks have pulled this grotesque rabbit from the hat. Why the firestorm on this one but, outside the insular comment battles on, not the kind of global condemnation that’s currently blasting out onto DDB Brasil? It’s deserved, definitely, but how did it happen?

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