Consumer feedback can be a real b*tch sometimes.

Soldier vs. HP

Die printer, die!

Not since this scene in Office Space has a printer been treated so rudely. But perhaps it only serves as a reminder that when you’re working the HP Help Desk and  a soldier serving in Iraq calls you up for a little assistance you might want to mind your p’s and q’s as well. Evidently, the trouble started when one heavily armed infantryman began experiencing problems with his all in one printer/copier/fax machine and was told by HP that he would have to pay for tech support. The video, documenting the soldier’s dissatisfaction with that particular policy has since surfaced and been making the rounds as of late on social media sites. What isn’t quite as widely known is that this incident happened way back in 2006. Also, what isn’t quite as widely known is that when the HP brass got wind of it they instituted a company wide policy to provide free tech support to all men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces. Seems like their PR department didn’t do such a swell job of getting their side of the story out. But sometimes that’s just how the internet goes. If it bleeds it leads. And this particular HP printer definitely shed its fair share of ink.

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